the high resolution microscope slide



                     conventional microscope slide                          Calamat calaCLEAR  microscope slide

Copyright © Calamat Ltd. Reg.No. 07614030. All Rights Reserved. calaCLEAR microscope slide – patent pending, UK patent no. 201403822.8. PCT/GB2015/050617. International Patent Application no. WO 2015/132583. European Patent Application no. 15709311.3. US Patent Application no. 15123370.

The Calamat calaCLEAR high-resolution microscope slide represents a fundamental redesign of the standard light microscope slide.

The elimination of coverslip mountant between the tissue section and the coverslip and the removal of one millimetre of glass from beneath the tissue section reduces the chromatic aberration and spherical aberration that is inherent to the conventional microscope slide. This results in significantly enhanced image resolution and optical flatness.

Below are photomicrographs of serial sections of colonic tissue and a skin tumour (basal cell carcinoma) showing the resolution improvement afforded by the calaCLEAR high resolution microscope slide when compared to a conventional glass microscope slide. 

                     conventional microscope slide                          Calamat  calaCLEAR  microscope slide

Please visit our Image Gallery to see further examples of improved light microscopical resolution achieved with Calamat calaCLEAR microscope slide.  

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